Keep Me Where The Light Is
I've got dreams to remember.
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    Shepherd - inspired by the song “Shepherd” by Amanda Cook - available on the live album "You Make Me Brave" by Bethel Music

    “In the process, in the waiting, You’re making melodies over me. And Your presence is the promise. For I am a pilgrim on a journey. You will lift my head above the mighty waves. You are able to keep me from stumbling. And in my weakness, You are the strength that comes from within. Good Shepherd of my soul, take my hand and lead me on.”

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  • "You are an endless ocean, a bottomless sea." This morning’s worship was amazing, but sitting through the Heslers’ song stories session just changed my life. "We’ll never reach the shore." #WorshipU

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  • #shaken

  • I think the saddest part about getting older is realizing that the day is coming when your mom won’t be there to say “it’ll be okay.”

    #growingup #realizations

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  • As long as my heart beats, I know You will carry me.
    You don’t give up on me.
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  • "It’s not your circumstance that needs to change; it’s you."

  • Kari Jobe
    Only Your Love
  • Your love is like no other
    Nothing else satisfies
    It flows through the deepest waters
    It rests on the mountains high

    Your love is overwhelming
    Brought me to life again
    Your love, it will last forever
    In You there’ll be no end

    Only Your love

    my new fav

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  • You are my great reward.
    You’re who I’m longing for.
    My beautiful inheritance: Jesus.

    You’ve given me Yourself.
    You are enough.
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  • life w/ Christ is better